Sunday, April 15, 2018

Morning Prowl

Morning Prowl- 2.5" x 3.5"
She tolerates the dew on the grass because the hunting is so good.


  1. Hi Deborah! I have some experience in watercolor but I found M. Graham gouache for 50% off at a nearby art store. I'm already a color junkie so I was wondering if you could vouch for specific M. Graham colors I could get as a gouache beginner but also not feel like I missed out on something. I'll confess I like tertiaries which already expands a palette to almost 17 colors. I love mixing and finding new colors but with gouache being thicker、will it be as fun? Would it be a hassle? Should I cave and just complete the wheel?

  2. Rachele, your watercolor can easily double as gouache! If you get a nice large tube of white--titanium is more opaque, zinc is more transparent (both are useful)--and set up a palette where you can simply add a little white as you mix each color, you're set! I used gouache for years before I discovered this. However, I have to say I love working with purely M Graham gouache. If you feel mixing gouache into watercolor is too weird, at least get the color wheel and whites. You can mix to your heart's content, and experiment with adding some of your watercolors to the mix, too. Remember, you can use it thick or thin! (But at half price? I'd probably cave!! LOL)


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