Monday, November 9, 2009



  1. Resembling our seashore of the Sea of Japan :)

  2. Lovely little seascape, Deborah! Velvet?.. Hmmm... never heard about using of Velvet for gouache.Should try sometime, looks good!

  3. Tatiana, Somerset Black Velvet is a printmaking paper but it's not 'velvet' in the sense of the fabric, only in that it's soft. It absorbs a lot of the gouache but builds up the colors nicely. Everything is a bit darker on this paper, so you have to be careful not to overbuild the thickness of the paint or it will craze.

  4. Deborah--just starting to use gouache--have followed you in pastels for a long time but wanted to try out gouache and watermedia--pastels too messy and irritating my hands. What brand gouache do u use and have you described your process anywhere? Many thanks for sharing your work and faith.

  5. Thanks, Robyn. If you'll look to the left you'll see a column titled PAINT, PAPER, BRUSHES that has some info on what I use.

    There will also be an article about these in Watercolor Artist Magazine in February, though I'm not sure there's much about the process there.

    Maybe it would be helpful to look at my painting posted called SPRING, or the one titled CURVE. In the comments I provided a link to an animation I did showing my steps for each one. They're on different paper, so it's interesting to look at both. You can watch the loop and see how I apply the paint.

    Check out some of the gouache blogs and the WetCanvas Casein, Gouache and Egg Tempera Forum for more info, too.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Many thanks Deborah. I didn't realize the sidebar was there unil after I posted. But I went ahead and found a deal on M. Graham colors on Ebay and ordered. Just finished a little painting, wc and some gouache --now I shall read about and look at some of your suggested links.


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