Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plum Blossoms

I began this painting from life about three weeks ago but was distracted by some need and the flowers wilted away before I could return. Apparently I had the sense to snap a photo of it, which I located recently and thus I completed the painting. I love the way the reddish leaves cup the delicate blossoms.

It's on ART P-400, which is a sandpaper made for pastels. It actually 'grabs' the gouache nicely, though it's tough on my brushes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gibb River

This is a painting done from a photo provided by an acquaintance for a challenge over at WetCanvas. We have a monthly thread with photos we share, and this is the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley, Northwestern Australia. Nola tells me, "The Gibb River Road is very famous and a lot of people aspire to travel it. There is spectacular scenery in the gorges, etc., along the road, and you only go if you have an extremely sturdy 4 wheel drive as it is all corrugated gravel. This was taken at Wynjanna Gorge." I'm fairly certain I've added a touch of New Mexico influence to it, so let's say it's a Southwestern version of the area! Thanks, Nola, for the inspiration.

On Canva-Paper.

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Monday, April 4, 2011


My friend Barbara Noonan, who paints fantastic portraits, allowed me to practice with her photographs. Now, you have to understand, she is also a fine photographer, so this was quite a boon! This is one of her pics. I loved her stance, like a princess, her beautiful curls, and those eyes. I don't know that I did this beauty any real justice, but I am having a blast painting portraits. It's on Canva-Paper, so another miniature oil painting look alike.

For now I'm not offering these for sale, but I may soon. I'm becoming more confident with practice. That's the idea, after all. I'd love to know what you think, if there are any "yous" out there looking in...


Friday, April 1, 2011

On the River

This one is gone already, but only because I gave it to a friend who's been wanting one like it for a long time. It's done from the same photo as Moon River. It's fun to see the differences a couple years make.

I love the texture of this Canva-Paper. If you didn't know it was the size of a business card you might think it was an oil painting.