Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October FREEBIE: September Sundown

I've become more and more intrigued with using watercolor techniques for the sky, just letting the paint do what it does when wet. I used a wet-in-wet layer first, let it dry and then added slightly more opaque paint over that to create the successive cloud banks. I used more opaque gouache (less water, more paint) for the mountains and foreground. I like the way this has worked, plus I love the colors in this one. It's on Arches 300 lb. cold press.

Normally these are for sale, but this one is freeAll you have to do is leave a comment on this post, including your name, before Friday, October 10, at midnight (Mountain Standard Time), and I will randomly choose one to receive this little painting over the weekend, and post the results on Monday, October 11. I would love to send it to you as a perfectly free little gift. From my to yours!

Why? Is it because:

Beggars can't be choosers?
Actions speak louder than words? 
All that glitters isn't gold?
Charity begins at home?
Christmas comes but once a year?
Love conquers all? 
The best things in life are free?
You can't take it with you?
Life is too short?
Every picture tells a story? 
Good things come to those who wait?
The best things in life are free?

Maybe some of those aphorisms are true but THE truth is that "it is more blessed to give than receive." I have that on the best Authority. (Acts 20:35)


  1. I like it! Deborah, I love that you are always learning and experimenting. That's awesome. J. King

  2. Deborah, I have been following the gouache thread on WC for ever so long... because I don't contribute to it, I haven't commented. But, I admire your work and the amount of knowledge that you've shared as you grow in this medium...

  3. Deborah, all of your work is special, even more so as you so freely share your knowledge and experience with us. Thanks you, Lenore

  4. Wooow .. I must be OUT of the raffle becuase I live soooooo far, but it´s the same, I want to tell you that you are a great artist, you are always teaching, sharing, helping people ... you dominate many techniques, you write great articles ..... You are a great person too and this is the real prize.
    Thanks for all!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Deborah, Your work is lovely. Your help and advice have meant so very much to me as I learn to use this delightful medium. Thank you for your help and inspiration. Judy/Violetta

  7. Thank you all for posting, and for encouraging me. I'm glad to know you would like to have the little painting, too. :)

    (Alberto, it may have to go by slow boat, but it's yours if your name comes up! Spain is not the dark side of the moon.)

  8. Deborah...your generosity of the gifts God has so graciously given you is a testament to the way you live your life. You are such an inspiration, and your willingness to teach and help others is a godsend....

  9. I love your work and hope I win the beautiful little "September Sundown." Blessings to you!

  10. Deborah....you are a shining light and such a blessing to so many, not only in your art but especially for sharing your love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour....Winny

  11. Gouache is such a lovely medium and you use it beautifully.

  12. hi Deborah,
    I missed the friday deadline, however it is Sat. the 9th. You posted that friday was the 10th(sorry) Love how you did this one. I love that you have adapted to what life is about these days for you and have decided to go samll and with gouache! I have painted in watercolors(for many years) but never gouache. I am learning by watching you with this. Maybe sometime in the future when funds aren't so tight I will get myself a little gouache set up.
    right now my mind is firmly in the pastel camp. although, I have a good friend painting in oils these days. she switched from acrylics. She is loving the oils and although I don't plan on doing plein air in the winter here(MN), it does intrigue me. And I think when it gets as cold as it does here oils might be the answer if I do choose to do that. So many mediums so little time! I do have some circulation problems(Raynaud's syndrome) so winter painting may actually be out of the pic. If I could manage it with pastels I would try that. just read the article in Artist's magazine about winter plein air and it got me thinking about it. i may just have to take photos and adjust them for the "real" colors.
    Take care!


  13. We have a winner! I used a Random Number Generator, in order to be objective, and the winner is Cathy (post #5 above.) Congratulations! Your little painting will go out to you next week...

  14. I want to thank all of you for commenting. :) I'm planning to do this again sometime, so maybe one of my little paintings will be yours.

    As Sara pointed out, I got the date wrong--I am so stupid with numbers! It figures. I'm glad that you all understood what I meant. Sorry for my error. This was totally non-scientific, of course, but I tried to be honest.

  15. I just found this blog although I follow nearly everything you do on WC (I just rarely post there). I was excited to think I might still be in time for the drawing but, alas, no such success this time.

    It doesn't matter too much about the ATC - the real prize is finding this blog!

  16. :D Thanks, Jan. Nice to hear that...

  17. I am still in disbelief that someone would freely share such wonderful information, faith in the final product and reason behind the inspiration
    It's just awesome! Thank you!


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