Sunday, March 20, 2011


Home is where your heart is, they say. I grew up on the beaches in California and this painting just has that warm, windy, summer day feeling I enjoyed at the beach. It's 2.5" x 3.5" in size, as usual, and is gouache on Bristol Vellum paper.

I'm re-posting it because I'll be donating all the proceeds to Samaritan's Purse Japan Relief, via the Daily Paintworks Japan Relief Challenge. Go take a look over there and browse through over 100 paintings (including mine, above, which has had a few bids placed on it already.)

You have a week to bid on the paintings through DPW's in-house auction site, and 100% of the proceeds are promised to various charities going to Japan. I love it when we can all give in order to benefit a need! Hurrah to the DPW group for this challenge.

To my artist friends, please also consider making a painting donation. The theme is "home" and can be any subject matter.

But above all, please keep the Japanese people in PRAYER! 



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