Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winter Drama -- GIANT size (for me) 5"x7"

This is a painting done from a photo that I was graciously given permission to use. (Thank you, Gerald Parras!) It's got it all--a view of our mountains on a crisp winter day, sweeping vistas of the city, and a dramatic sky. I just loved painting that wind-whipped sky and the sunny range of snow covered mountains. The open spaces give a nice impression of the city receding away to the peaks, and the color contrasts are pleasing. How can you miss with blue and peach? It captures that warm-in-the-sunshine, cold-in-the-shadows kind of day we so often enjoy during winter here in New Mexico.

Yes, it's GIANT for me! You know I usually paint 2.5"x3.5" paintings, but this subject just called out for a bit larger (relatively speaking) format. It's on a piece of 5"x7" Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. cold press, a sample I had on hand. It's quite nice and if I have occasion I'll definitely invest in more. 



  1. Hi Deborah,
    love this painting. Love all of your paintings and to put so much into such a tiny size. However, you never did state what size this is. so, I was wondering what giant meant to you in gouache?

    Take care!

  2. Sara, thanks for pointing that out! Giant size for me is 5x7"!! That's four times the usual size I work. See? GIANT.


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