Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was about to cut this avocado open when I noticed the gorgeous blush of red-violet across one side and had to paint it. (Happily, I had another one I could eat instead!)

Yes, I painted it from life, as no photo I take could catch those colors. They please me, as do the textures I managed to capture, but I have to say that the slight reflection of the white ground on the shadowed side pleases me the most. (It's the little things that count!)

I think I'll put a grouping of these small horizontal ones together as a kitchen painting. This is just a quick snapshot of the paintings I'm considering. I need to further consider the arrangement, but something like this.

I don't think the two grapes belong side-by-side. Hmmmm... How would you arrange them? Your opinions are welcome.

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