Thursday, February 16, 2012

Turquoise Sunset

I like the underlying shapes in this painting, defined by their values, of course. I think if you turned it upside down it would still be interesting. That's a little test I often apply to my paintings. I love the light on the mountain and distant trees because it showcases the area in the turquoise shadows. And the sparkle of the water pleases me, too. I'd like to be sitting there looking at this river in person right now.

It's from a photo I took 20 years ago up in the Blanco Basin, near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. A beautiful spot, it's been featured in many paintings of mine since then!


  1. Any time you want to paint a river from life, I'm living on a property that the Rio Chama flows through, I'd love to have you over to paint plein aire.


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