Thursday, February 14, 2013

Green Shade

Shadows always enthrall me. I love the way they add drama to the ordinary scene and define the planes of the land. This was a sunny summer day in the north valley in Albuquerque. That shade felt so good! A great place to paint. (Although, just to be clear, this painting was done from a photo of the day, not on site.)

I snapped some process shots for you to see. I pencil in a quick sketch, then begin with the sky. Next I establish the sweep of the land and its shadow. Then I add the tree shapes very loosely. I add some tree edge details in the fourth step. 

I add some some trunks, as well as that dash of distant light that adds visual interest to the distance. In the sixth step I add some white clouds to the sky. Then I detail the grass in the foreground, and it's done! 

Painted in gouache on Bristol vellum, 2.5" x 3.5".


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