Friday, February 15, 2013

Rio Grande Winter

There are times in the winter months here in Albuquerque when the sky is turbulent and the river's characteristic reddish tint takes on these incredible lavender, red-violet and blue-violet tones. Mix that with the reflected dry green color of the olive trees lining the bank and you have this incredibly beautiful harmony of tones and colors. This little painting really pleases me. It's come closer than a lot of other tries to getting the subtleties. Plus, I like the sky.

Painted in gouache on 140 lb. watercolor paper, 2.5" x 3.5".


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  1. Wow you have such beautiful work. I have been looking through them and trying to 'learn' all I can about gouache and I see that you do many different types of things er ..subjects? And yet your work remains colorful and fresh and vibrant! You also use a variety of supports ie canvas paper, bristol vellum and watercolor paper...I am just in awe of how many supports gouache can be used on! And how many different subjects. How long have you been doing them to master them so well as none of them seem to have the 'mud' that I can make so readily with watercolor! Ty for your demos the time and the effort I know must be huge ty ty ty soooo much! Stephie4_ever

    PS I am not computer literate and so in signing in I haven 't a clue what most of the items I sign with no name but it is on my post! I would put my email up here but as it is a public area it would likely not be a good idea


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