Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last of October

There's a maple tree in my backyard. We don't have too many maples around this area and because of the temperatures this one never shows the gorgeous colors that maples are famous for, but the shape of the leaves are lovely anyway. This one is on buttercup yellow Pastelmat. I painted the pale yellow over that ground, but it definitely flavored the colors in the painting.

Farewell October!


  1. Cool image. How is it painting on pastelmat? Does it eat your brushes?

  2. Hi Margo. Thanks... No, P-mat isn't hard on the brushes at all, although I freely admit to using cheap synthetic brushes, for the most part. P-mat is soft and velvety, and becomes slightly stiffer when the paint dries on it. It isn't any harder on the brushes than cold press or rough watercolor paper, IMHO.


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