Sunday, October 24, 2010

Small Scale book for Small Scale Paintings

Hope some of you will join me for coffee and a look at my new little book. I just wanted to show you the scale of it. You can see a preview of it by clicking here. Enlarge it on your monitor using the small View Screen box in the lower right-hand corner when you get there.

Blurb will ship to lots of places outside the US. Check here to see if it's delivered to your area.


  1. Deborah, I am just in awe at the detail and beauty you infuse into such a small space. What a lovely start to my day, yes, I did have a cup of coffee with you. Strong, sweet, creamy coffee and art, now that is nirvana.

  2. A delightful little book Deborah. Keep us posted on how it sells.


  3. I want to thank everyone who has purchased one of these!

    I'm considering producing another volume with my newer paintings in it, since it's turned out to be a wonderful record of my paintings. It's so nice to have it around after the work is gone.


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